Innovation is in our DNA. We are dedicated to helping others. We offer cutting-edge technology.

We import and sell endovascular technologies for minimally invasive procedures in Colombia, such as coils for embolization, intraluminal and intrasacular flow diverters, ASD, VSD, PFO and PDA occluders; for your brain and your heart.

 As a national company,  we have offices in Medellín, Barranquilla, Bogotá and Cali and sales representatives in Bucaramanga, Cartagena, Pereira and Pasto. This is how we can be available in all the interventional cardiology and neuroradiology angio suites in Colombia.

We are exclusive and official distributors for Colombia of international truthful brands for endovascular technologies:

We specialize in importing and selling innovative endovascular technologies. We focused on our clients’ satisfactions.

We are endovascular technology for heart, brain and peripheral health


Strategic management

We are in charge of directing IMP’s activities, focusing them towards the fulfillment of our strategies and objectives. We plan its growth and development in the short, medium and long term.

Carolina Posada

Carolina Posada

General Manager
Juliana Castellanos

Juliana Castellanos

Administrative and Financial Manager

Anabel Tamayo

Legal Manager

We plan, organize, execute, and control all pre-sale, sale and post-sale activities of IMP´s products, we create and maintain long-term relationships with customers, through an approach oriented to satisfy their needs and continuous accompaniment. We provide knowledge and advise medical and healthcare staff on the best practices and procedures for using medical products.


stefania_Mesa de trabajo 1

Estefanía Ospina

Sales representative
IMP Medellín

Sebastián Gómez

Clinical specialist
IMP Medellín

Brayan Andrés Yalí

Clinical specialist
IMP Medellín

Erika Vanesa Giraldo

Sales representative
IMP Medellín

Juan Camilo Guzmán

Clinical specialist



Sindy López

Sales representative
IMP Barranquilla

Ricardo Alexander Amador

Clinical specialist

Elias Moises Cervantes

Administrative assistant


IMP Bogotá

Alexandra Rosario Contreras

Regional sales leader
IMP Bogotá

Daniel Antonio Osorio Cruz

Clinical specialist
IMP Colombia Bogotá

Harold Andrés Susa

Clinical specialist
IMP Bogotá

Hellen Patricia Ruiz

Sales representative
IMP Bogotá

Daniel Páez

Administrative assistant
IMP Bogotá

Robert Edisson Díaz

Administrative Assistant


IMP Bucaramanga

Diana Alexandra Sánchez

Sales representative


IMP Cali


Clinical specialist

Luis Fernando Murillo

Administrative Assistant
IMP Colombia

Wilmer González

Sales representative


IMP Cartagena

Roberto Carlos Bustillo

Sales representative

Eje Cafetero

yecid (1)

Yecid Roberto López

Sales representative


IMP Pasto

Erica Zambrano Eraso

Sales representative

We guarantee compliance with the commitments, we ensure that our clients requirements are met in a timely and effective manner, we negotiate and define alternative solutions when necessary. Additionally, we manage the activities related to billing.


Sandra Milena Zapata

Client services manager

Jennifer Bedoya

Billing assistant

We manage the activities related to the logistics of the inventory, the reception, storage and dispatch that allow us to guarantee timeliness and efficiency in the processes.

luz m

Luz María Tangarife

Storage and Dispatch Manager
kevin torres_Mesa de trabajo 1 (1)

Kevin Torres

Storage and Dispatch Assistant
ferney_Mesa de trabajo 1

Iván Ferney Meneses

Delivery Courier

We manage and control IMP’s national and international purchases, ensuring the efficient use of resources.


Isabel Cristina Ciro

Purchases and Imports Manager
DANIEL VILLA_Mesa de trabajo 1

Daniel Villa

Purchases and Imports Assistant

We manage IMP’s talents in order to have a competent, suitable and happy staff, seeking to improve the performance and quality of life of our employees.


Maria Juliana Mira

HR Assistant

We plan, organize, and administer IMP’s accounting, tax and financial activities in a timely and transparent in a transparent way.


Jair Darío López

Accounting manager

Lina Yicela Carvajal


We plan, implement and maintain the company’s Quality Management Systems and proactively guide the other processes towards their compliance.

maria camila_Mesa de trabajo 1

Maria Camila Thorp

Quality Assurance Manager
IMP Colombia

Diego López

Quality Assurance Asisttant


Happy clients certify the quality of our work

Happy clients certify the quality of our work, thanks to the radiology area of the SOMA Clinic for trusting us.

We work hand in hand with all the areas involved in our procedures, watch the testimony of Ingrid Montoya, Admissions assistant in Barranquilla.

Álvaro Rodríguez tecnólogo de radiología de salas de hemodinamia de la Clínica Portoazul en Barranquilla, nos cuenta cómo los apoyamos en los tratamientos con los pacientes.

Conoce el testimonio de Natalia García de la Clínica Universitaria de Colombia, ella cuenta su experiencia con nosotros, IMP.