PDA Occluder


The Occlutech PDA Occluder is an occluder for closing the defects in morphologically different configurations ranging from small tunnel-shaped ducts to large oval shunts. The design of the Occlutech PDA Occluder allows occlusion of the defect without any distal clamp.

Product features

  • Wide range of diameter options.
  • Different shank length options (standard and long shank).
  • Low aortic profile without distal protruding hub.
  • Protrusion toward the aortic side and the embolization risk is very low due to a wider pulmonary artery side than the aortic side.
  • High radial holding force to the pulmonary artery at the end of the ductus.
  • High flexibility and adaptability with unique braiding structure.

Clinical benefits

  • High procedural success.
  • 100 % closure rate at 30 days.
  • No, or very low major cardiac event rate.

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