Scepter C ™ & Scepter XC ™


Product Benefits

The Scepter balloon offers VERSATILITY with clinical applications in four key areas: Balloon Remodeling, Stent Delivery, Liquid Embolic Injection, and Balloon-Test Occlusion, Coil reinforced shaft for enhanced trackability and excellent stability, Dual lumen design that can accommodate any 0.014″ guidewire, Hydrophilic coating for reduced friction and improved navigation in tortuous vessels. Balloon provides back stop and flow reduction to limit reflux during liquid embolic injection, Balloon remodeling and stent delivery without catheter exchange

Product Compatibility

  • DMSO based Liquid Embolics
  • A maximum guidewire OD of 0.014”
  • MicroVention’s Traxcess Docking Wire

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